MDS Web Experience

Member Profiles 

Everything in a community website revolves around its members. When you join MDS, create a member profile, join a group. As you complete various activities lessons and quizzes content will dynamically generate filling your profile with a vibrant activity stream. You can look back and see all that you’ve accomplish like a time piece.


The MDS Platform has a wide variety of courses to choose from. Learn different planning systems or treatment site specific techniques all in one learning center.
My Courses

Your courses are organized in one location, for fast and easy access to the courses you’re enrolled in. Resume where you left off or download certificates from completed courses.

My Certificates

Users dashboard includes convenient allocation of all your certificates for download, courses and discussions all in one place. 

Course Curriculum
Course Curriculum shows you the lessons and topics covered in each course.

Lesson Module

Your lesson modules launch quickly and easily. Use the sidebars for easy navigation through the lesson, with progress tracking and resume capabilities. You can pickup where you left off.
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Lecture Videos

Full HD 1080P/4K video lectures allow you to see clearly. Play, pause, jump around even speed up the video to the rate you’d like to learn at. Chapter Bookmarks allow you to quickly jump to sections of the video that you’re interested in.
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Advanced Quizzing

Quiz modules are the most advance with 8 question types, integrated HD videos, images and on-demand grading. You will be tested on key concepts, and receive feedback immediately, so you can see what questions you got correctly or incorrectly, and weather you passed or failed. Scores and results are displayed for your feedback. You may take the quizzes again to try and achieve a higher score and master the lesson.

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