Advanced Native Mobile App Technology and Features

MDS is a native mobile apps. Built on the same technology used by apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Airbnb, SoundCloud and other popular apps we use everyday.

The MDS app comes packed with advanced features that enhance the experience for your users.

Native IOS & Android Apps

We launch a native iOS and Android App for students to quickly access their courses

Latest Most Advance Techonolgy

MDS App is a native Android and Apple iOS app. This is the same technology used by apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Airbnb, SoundCloud and many other popular apps we use every day.

Data Syncronization

The data is synchronized in real-time between your the MDS app and the MDS Platform site.
Students can engage in the online community and the MDS site via the website and continue on mobile, without any friction.

In-App Registration

Users can register via their mobile app or website and access both.
The data is synchronized in real-time, so users only need to register from one or the other.

Social Login

Allows  users to easily login and register on the app, using their existing social profiles. Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter accounts are supported out of the box.

Built-In Search Functionality

The MDS mobile app is translation ready, and can be translated into any language. Languages can also easily change specific text across the whole mobile app, via our advance API.
Navigation Menues

Easily navigate from one place to another with easy to use menues. We worked with professional material desiginers to build the most user friendly radonc e-Learning app on the market.

MDS Analytics

MDS integrates with Analytic tools to give students feedback on their progress, ranking and scores. Quiz results and data are calculated in real time for fast student feedback. No need to wait for grading of quizzes and tests.

Materials and Documents

MDS App supports the latest files types, for images and documents (PDF, DOCX, PPT, GIF, JPEG, PNG), allowing users to easily view documents and images within the app. Download certificates hit share and email or text the document anywhere you’d like.

Customized Student Experience

We recognize that each customer is unique. Our team can also build the custom features you need for your members/institution.

Course Purchases

Make it super easy for members to subscribe, upgrade and buy more. Subscriptions, upgrade and one-time payments are both supported. No risk money back guarantee.

One-Time Purchases

Make one time purchases for something you need to learn once.


Subscribe to a course for a low annual fee. Used as a quick reference to treatment planning, or to keep up with your certification requirements. New courses and CE credit modules are uploaded continuously.


Create a membership to receive exclusive member only content from MDS. Want a group to be isolated from the community? No problem we can custom build specifically for your needs.

System Integration

We integrate with MDS Platform allowing you to manage access to courses, and other content from your Member’ssettings.


Notifies members when we launch new courses or membership plans, and allows for upgrade or buy with ease.