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Ready to study for the boards?

MDS provides a structured learning experience with social learning and gamification to help you stay engage while preparing for the boards.

We also provide a mobile app, so you can learn on the go.

Bolster your outcomes with insights & analytics provided instantly.

Maximum learning with minimal effort

With MDS, you’ll always be studying the most updated, high-yield materials based on years of experience helping students like you succeed. We’ll make sure you study only what you need to know and nothing else.

The ONLY study tool you need to ace your certification exams.

Study with more questions, practice tests, and video lessons than anyone.

Guided learning path so you stay on schedule

Stay on track and study only what you absolutely need to know.

Efficient use of time

Advance Quizzes

Study with the most comprehensive question bank and practice testes

Powerful progress tracking

Instant quiz results and feedback making it easy to learn even the toughest concepts

Study Groups

Join a team you already know, or create your own study group. Study groups help hold each other accountable and encourage each other to study harder.

Join a study group…

MDS provides you with a network of study groups who are ready to share and learn together. Study with other members enrolled in the same exam prep. Join in the discussion ask questions and help each other pass the boards.
The group functionality is extremely flexible for creating your own study group.
Study Groups

Forums & Discussions

Social learning and peer-to-peer collaboration. We always have tutors that are in your corner and ready to help 24/7.

Activity Feeds

Activity feed and messaging built in, helps you stay in the conversations tagging #topics so you get activity feeds & relevant conversations live and instantly.
Discussions made easy
Activity Feeds and Notifications
Notifications and trends
Schedule a Zoom or Skype session with your group
Make studying fun and engaging

Fun and engaging

While you work through the exam prep courses you’re rewarded for your mastery, and progress.


Are awarded to you when you reach certain milestones, such as completing the RadBio lectures, or scoring above 90% on your Hand Calculation Quizzes. You also get rewarded for helping other students in discussions and replies.


Completing certain tasks and steps will gain special credits, gems and badges which you can use to redeem certain prizes.

Study on our mobile app

It’s never been easier to study on the go than with the MDS app. We give you the control and the power to run things your way! All your question banks, flashcards, bookmarks and more are at your fingertips 24/7 with our iOS and Android apps.

Do you need to study on the go?

We got you covered, whether you learn best at a desk, on the couch, or on your commute, we make it easy to have access anywhere anytime.
The MDS app allow you to  squeeze in a quick study session during your commute, lunch break or while on the couch watching NetFlix. No worries, we got you covered! Glad we can help make it possible.
Course Catalog
Student Courses
Course Lessons
Course Status
Student Achievements
Event Calendar
Study Groups
Study Forums
Topic Discussions

Keep study sessions going longer

With the MDS Mobile App as a companion for your study sessions, you can learn on the go, having your group in your pocket. 
MDS provides your study group with a virtual environment. Members can create forums, engage in discussions and work together.
Certification Exam Prep Courses
Scheduled Learning
Lesson Timer
Advance Quizzing
Rewards & Points
Student Reports
Mobile Uploads
Rich content types

MDS Simply cares more about your success

Our team of Certified Therapist, Dosimetrist, Physicist and RadOnc’s all had similar stories while preparing for the ARRT, MDCB and ABRI, II & III exams. We felt that a lot of the exam prep material wasn’t up to par. The RadOnc market is too small for big prep companies to care about and develop courses for. Most prep courses we saw all felt like recycled Raphex exams combined with some physics power points and sold as a prep course.

Even then we all had to use several different products – practically one for each section on the test – and it still was not an accurate representation of the real exams. As a result, we had to work a lot harder to score high on the exams.

Well folks, the nightmare is over MDS is designed to bring together the tools you need to succeed on anyone of the ARRT, MDCB and ABRI, II & III exams for an affordable price.

We’re confident you’ll love studying with MDS, but don’t take our word for it! Sign up for all the prep courses for 30 Days. If you like another platform more, we’ll gladly refund your money no questions asked! But if you decide we’re the right fit for you, we want you to know, you’re not alone and we’re always here to answer any questions you may have!

-MDS Team